Greetings!  Thanks for your interest in my blog.  I advocate here most every week for environmental and economic sustainability.

What is an IBI?
IBI is an acronym for “‘ignorance-based initiative.” It’s a play on a defining
term from early in the Bush II administration: “faith-based initiatives.” I
contend that the lion’s share of Bush policies were actually ignorance-based
initiatives (IBIs). And though the sun set on Bush’s presidency in January 2009, IBIs
are not going away any time soon. Not when public ignorance is such a proven tool for advancing a greed-based agenda.

IBIs come in two varieties:

·          Ignorance-based policy positions. A good example would be our friend
George W recommending that both evolution and creationism be taught in public
schools, and ‘let the kids decide.’

·         Efforts to build public ignorance in order to push a political
A good example would be Frank Luntz’s infamous recasting of the estate
tax – on multimillion dollar inheritances – as the ‘death tax’ – so that all
people, rich and poor alike, would believe that all estates, even the most
humble, would pay the tax.  They would then oppose the tax, thus helping build the plutocracy that is the main objective of Luntz and his billionaire backers.

Both varieties harm the public good, but I think the second type is more
insidious and reprehensible. As a society, we have to do better.

In reading IBI Watch, you will find that my favorite issues live where science
meets policy – climate change, evolution, and environmental protection
generally. I hope you will find the connections I provide informative and
thought-provoking. Of course, action-provoking would be even more welcome!

-Michael Murphy, St. Paul MN

3 responses

10 04 2011

OK, Mike, you need to edit this page!
I forwarded the blog link to a former colleague at the Cannon River Watershed Partnership. I hope he likes it!
I hope all is well!

22 05 2011
Monty Renov

I enjoyed your commentary which I found quite pertinent.

23 05 2011
Mike Murphy

Thanks! Please come on back. I make new posts most weeks. Mike

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