“Get Him Outa Here”

19 05 2017

The quote, of course, comes from Trump exhorting his followers and security entourage to deal harshly with a heckler at a campaign rally.  We’ll leave aside the immediately following quote – “Knock the crap out of him!” because it does not really apply here. No way do I support such treatment of the current occupant, but based on recent events, his odds of completing even a single term in the office grow longer by the day. Could the reality TV boss from hell actually hear “You’re fired?”

Angry Trump 2The nation today seems more willing to give President Trump the heave-ho. A recent survey suggests that 48% of Americans support impeachment.  This though is unlikely, even as suspicion and revelations about the administration mount daily. Both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan have come out against the idea, and are most likely unmovable. They still believe, hyper-partisans both, that Trump is a key factor in pursuing their corporatist agenda. And nothing stands between them and their corporatist agenda. This Dylan Matthews piece effectively explains why the two Republican leaders are very unlikely to reverse course and hold Trump accountable.

But impeachment is not the only way we will be rid of the habitually dishonest, mean-spirited huckster who now holds the presidency.  And I am not talking about waiting for the 2020 election.

Just watch Trump lately. Do you think he is having a good time?  I see less and less of the uber-confident, swaggering bully, and more and more of the angry, self-absorbed, would-be victim.  Just listen to him whine about how tough his new life is in comparison to his old. And now his sob story becomes flagging himself as the most mistreated politician ever, poor boy. See this cartoon for a sick laugh. This Slate piece makes the obvious case debunking this latest self-absorbed lie of Trump’s, but remember that even his most recent successor suffered poor treatment and obstruction at every turn.  If Trump is reviled by many – and he certainly is, including this blogger – it is because of what he has done and promises to do.  Most of the vitriol and bile hurled at Barack Obama was more because of who he was – an African-American, smooth-talking upstart who had the audacity to become president.

I believe a far more likely outcome of the growing crisis is not impeachment, but Trump’s resignation.  Yes, I know he has always sold himself as a never-quit fighter, but everyone has a breaking point.  I believe he might have resigned by now except for his committing to carry out favors for “them what brung him,” both domestic and foreign.  And remember that he may owe large sums of money to creditors domestic and foreign.  Why do you think he steadfastly thumbs his nose at decades of precedent regarding presidential tax returns?

Nevertheless, I believe the mounting pressure will break him, and sooner rather than later. But when he resigns, don’t expect anything like what the disgraced President Nixon delivered on resignation.  Say what you will about Nixon – and I am no admirer – his farewell speech was a model of class as he put the nation’s interests ahead of his own. Yes, a Democratic-controlled Congress forced his hand, unlike Trump’s, but really – can you imagine Trump delivering anything like such a speech?  Or even remaining on script long enough without descending into spontaneous blaming, bullying, threatening and whining?  Of course not.

No, when Trump resigns – and he will – we will hear a bitter, angry, extended rant in which he blames everyone – media, “elites,” “illegals,” Democrats, disloyal Republicans – for his spectacular failure. And his unswayable supporters – they are out there, maybe 35 % of voters overall – will eat it up.  This example from PRI’s The World gives an indication of the extreme, seemingly undiminished support that these voters have for Trump, despite all the outrageous behavior and growing evidence of wrongdoing.

Trump’s recent speeches build a case for his resignation as a poor, thwarted good guy who has been prevented from doing good for the American people.  The fallen hero fable will suggest that he would have done so much to help those working class people who supported him, but the __________ (fill in the blank with your favorite villain group) just would not let Donny be Donny. Ludicrous, yes, but it will sell. Mark my words.  And it will further divide this fractured nation.

Will this be the end of Trump the public figure? Hell no. This master of “truthful hyperbole” has long shown in word and deed that he believes any publicity is good publicity.  He will become a highly-sought-after pundit on some right-wing network (Fox?) and rake in Limbaugh-esque sums. He won’t have to worry about prosecution if the current investigations into his campaign’s and administration’s collusion with Russia lead to his palace at Mar-a-Lago.  You see, his successor (Pence? Ryan?) will see that the good of the nation is served by pardoning the ex-president. Whew.

But when Trump resigns, the desperation, anger and dissatisfaction with the status quo that motivated so many to vote for this unqualified deliverer of empty promises will remain. And fester.

“Getting him outa here” will be only the beginning of a new era of divisiveness in American public life. Believe me.




2 responses

20 05 2017

Good read, Mike. But getting rid of Trump is only the beginning. In my mind, I keep think, who will replace him. I’ve looked at the chain of command and it is not a pretty picture.

20 05 2017
Ron Weitbrecht

I know it is a long shot, but I sense a possibility of a voter revolt in 2018 with the aim of creating a Congress that might actually be capable of impeaching Trump. It might put an end to Ryan as Speaker which would change the chain of succession. It could be a revolt inspired not just by Trump but as a result of republican destruction of people’s health care and economic security.

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