22 02 2017

On Feb. 22, a fellow on the radio reads tomorrow’s forecast for the Twin Cities.  “Colder,” he says, “high around 48.” Colder? Huh? Average high for Feb. 23 in the Twin Cities – 30. Colder?!

These globally warmed days, my inner voice responds with a John Lennon lyric almost anytime I hear a forecast.  “Just gimme some truth!”

Here’s the weather forecast I would deliver, given the chance.  “Continued very warm for this time of year tomorrow with a high of 48. That’s only 18 degrees above average, nothing like most of the last week. Especially compared with last Friday, when we broke the long-term record (going back to the late 1800s) for the date by eight freaking degrees! That temperature, if you are keeping score, kids, was 34 degrees above the old average. Hope you had your winter suntan lotion on!”

Who would have ever thought that humanity’s ongoing project, destabilizing the climate with our greenhouse gases, could be so much fun?

And the truth is, the fun is just beginning, folks. I have not yet read through the new EPA wrecker, er, uh, director’s emails – just made public – but the headlines say that Scott Pruitt is bed buddies with the oil industry. Surprised? Me neither.  After all, he has practically had a full-time job for many years, suing the EPA.

Evidence of our warping the climate is all around. A recent study described overall effects of man-made climate change on wildlife.  Not pretty. We are rapidly knocking natural processes way out of sync, and the critters can’t keep up with the pace.  Not that anyone in the oil-drunk Trump administration gives a good goddam.

But you don’t have to look very far to see the evidence.  This morning, I spotted, way up high, a flock of 30-40 geese, migrating northward. On Feb. 22. Over Minnesota.

februaryblossomsAnd back down on earth, this afternoon, I spotted open tree blossoms on the ground in my backyard. I collected a few, then looked up. There they were – many confused blooms in the preternatural February warmth. That’s what you see in the picture.

We can pretend all we want, trusting fairy tales from the likes of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. (Sure, he says, climate change is happening. But it is an engineering problem with an engineering solution. Right.) Or we can believe the happy-talk hogwash from the Heartland Institute (“Climate change is good for us!”), or the lying blowhard Marc Morano – chief data cherry picker if there ever was one.

But these are facts – and not alternative facts either. Global temperatures are steadily rising. Says who? Says NASA. Atmospheric carbon dioxide is rising, at an increasing rate. And the new administration is hell-bent on reversing virtually every environmental protection going back to Nixon and even Johnson.

We can feign pignorance (pretend-ignorance) to eternity, but scientific fact trumps (sorry) corporatist fantasy. We need a carbon fee and dividend system, and now.  We can’t wait four years (or, god forbid!) eight years for an administration that respects science.

As for right now, I gotta go.  Must batten down the hatches for those “colder” conditions tomorrow.  Only 18 degrees above average?  Brrrrrrrrrr!




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