Pignorance Ascending; Big Brother Not Required

28 01 2017

At a Goodwill store today, I thought I would have a little fun with the 30-something cashier. I told her there was a book published in 1949 which, just a few weeks ago, could no doubt be found in multiples among the store’s stacks of worn paperbacks. But of course currently there were zero copies. And I told her the book had suddenly shot to number one on the Amazon best-seller list. Did she know the book, I asked.

She did not. I strongly recommended she get herself a copy of George Orwell’s 1984 and read it. It would help her understand more clearly some things that are happening in Washington right now.

I plan to re-read my personal copy soon. Meanwhile, this Alternet piece taught me some things about Orwell’s historical context.

trump-teamI am more convinced than ever that we must fight the Trumps, the Conways, the Spicers and maybe especially the Bannons – the liars and bullies and truth-twisters and fact-suppressors.

Damn them all to liars’ hell, along with their smokescreens, diversions and “alternative facts.”

We must fight these democracy-destroying bastards so our outcome does not resemble the fate of 1984‘s protagonist, Winston Smith. His unforgivable crime? To think for himself and respect the truth. But in the end, he was broken by the authoritarian force of pignorance (pretend-ignorance), so that in the end, “He loved Big Brother.” After all, one of the guiding principles of Orwell’s dystopia was this ominous and prescient slogan – “Ignorance is strength.” Indeed.

If you have never done so, do yourself and the country this favor in the Era of Trump. Get your own copy of 1984. Shut off your pocket “telescreen.” Read the book, start to finish. Do so even if, like me, you have already read it more than once.

You will understand more clearly how the bullying bullshit merchants are trying to destroy our faith in the truth, and consolidate their authoritarian power. If they succeed in their obvious strategy to destroy the credibility and the very legitimacy of the media in the eyes of enough of the public, then they will be in control.  People will not know what is true – we are already well down that road – and they will be much more malleable and maybe, compliant. In other words, more inclined to believe the outrageous nonsense the Trumpsters spew, and buy into their destructive schemes.

We can’t let that happen.




One response

29 01 2017
Tess Galati

Tell it, Mike! I’m just back from San Miguel and heartened by the strength of the resistance. We have to keep it up. I’m reading “In the Garden of the Beasts.” Story of the US ambassador to Berlin and his daughter just as the 3rd Reich was starting. Non-fiction, but it reads like a novel. Relevant!

Tess Galati 651.210.6799


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