W is 70

6 07 2016

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

You’ve made it to 70!  An auspicious occasion, to be sure.  Certainly for you. And for this author.  After all, if it weren’t for your vocal support for “faith-based initiatives,” this IBI Watch blog (IBI = “ignorance-based initiatives”) never would have happened.

Come to think of it, if it weren’t for your successful and powerful father, your “Turd Blossom” bosom buddy and puppetmaster, Karl Rove, the crooked Florida Secretary of State in 2000, Katherine Harris, and your trigger-happy friends on the Supreme Court in December of that fateful year, your presidency never would have happened.

And if your presidency never happened, it’s highly unlikely that the Mideast would be the roaring conflagration it has been for nearly a decade and a half.  And the flames grow higher by the day, in case you were paying any attention at all.

George W 70

Which reminds me of things that have NOT happened because of your “good fortune.” Those would be the milestone birthdays never attained by about 4500 American soldiers, and the 50th, 30th, even 10th birthdays never attained by many thousands, perhaps millions, of anonymous citizens of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc.

So my birthday wish for you is this.  Take a moment away from the celebrations, the portrait painting, the joshing, and ponder the fate of even the most recent innocents who did not have to die, well before they completed their seven decades on this earth. Heck, like any publicly pious pol worth his campaign contributions, send ‘em a few thoughts and prayers.  Least you could do.

Tony Blair may be getting his just deserts for joining your fantasy-based crusade right now as I write.  Our country is “nicer” to errant leaders who have high-placed protectors.  But someday, during your lifetime or after, maybe you will get your just reward as well.

But for now, Happy 70th Birthday, Prez W!  We really misunderstimated you!







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5 10 2016

Perfectly put! My own thoughts on Dubya:


Tom Degan

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