IBI Watch 6/5/11

5 06 2011

IBI Watch 6/5/11


Here are three worthwhile blasts from the recent past, and three current links.


Look for a full new posting next week.


Wealth on Parade (1/25/08)

Another story on Moyers’ show this evening – on the current downturn’s effect on the middle class – reminded me of an article from the Atlantic Monthly.  I was glad to find that I can share it with you electronically.  The growing disparity between the rich and everyone else, and particularly the super-rich and everyone else, including the merely rich, has been well documented.  (For instance, see Kevin Phillips’ Wealth and Democracy.  And oh yes, Phillips was a prominent Nixon administration official).  This short article draws a picture – a one-hour metaphorical parade of Americans arranged by salary, starting with Lilliputians and ending with walking skyscrapers.  The trend in modern America is clearly towards more unequal income distribution.  And the Bushies have not yet achieved one of their major goals – the permanent elimination of all estate taxes.  Hmmmmmmm.



Story of Stuff  (6/14/09)

Activist Annie Leonard’s site is a few years old, but there is a reason why it has over 6,000,000 views.  Her 20-minute animation tells the whole story of our unsustainable use of the earth’s resources.  And you can skip around in the animation to focus on parts of the story and zero in on remedies.  Highly recommended.



World Without Us  (5/3/09)

What if all of us highly evolved creatures suddenly disappeared tomorrow, without a trace?  What would happen to the world as we have reshaped it?  That’s the premise for a remarkable, thoroughly researched and often scary book – an inspired thought experiment.  I strongly recommend The World Without Us, by Alan Weisman.  If you don’t have time for the book, try this interactive Web site.  Start with Did You Know?  I think if you look at that time line, you will want to see the entire site.












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